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8 Facts on Ducted Heating Systems: The Pros and Cons

Are you in a consideration of choosing a ducted or split heating system? Because you are afraid to always call ducted heater repair service due to unreliable system. Let’s make it simple, split system heating places the unit in each of the rooms. It is controlled individually if you want to set the temperature. Meanwhile, ducted heating has only one control panel that can operate the unit in each room. A ducted heating system sends air via ducting pipes and vents to each room. Following are the pros and cons of a ducted heating system.

Pros and Benefits of Ducted Heating System


Installing multiple split systems to cover the same amount of room can be more costly than installing a ducted heater. It is actually easier to install ducted air conditioning during the construction of a new home or the renovation of an older home, lowering installation costs.


The user can choose whether to heat the whole house or individual rooms or zones using zoning. Different rooms may have different configurations or temperatures with zoning, making for more flexible heating solutions.


No doubt, the most permanent heating solution and the most effective for heating your entire home is a ducted heating system.


A ducted heating system, in general, brings value to your home because even though it is costly, it has permanent features.


Aside from the duct vent in each room, the air conditioning system is practically undetectable and can be considerably quieter than a split system air conditioner.

Cons and Limitations of Ducted Heating System


Selecting ducted heater will cost you more than the split system. It is expensive from the start you are buying the units, calling for the installation service and the bill during operation. If you need zoning or a reverse cycle air conditioner, you’ll have to pay extra because these features aren’t included in the standard unit.

It can be expensive to heat the whole house if you don’t have zoning and just need to heat one place or room at a time. Ducted systems normally meet the minimum legislative energy performance criteria. Also, installing a new ducted system in an existing home that has never had ducted before is much more complicated and therefore more costly.

Extensive Installation Requirement

During installation, you must consider several aspects. Including the house’s structure, layout, door and window location, ceiling space, and much more. To fit the system and install piping into the ceiling or floors, as well as ducts in each room, access to the ceiling is required.

The ducted heater is a big system that takes up a lot of room in the house. Some homes are unable to withstand ducted heating due to a lack of available space or structural design.

Ongoing Maintenance and A Ducted Heater Repair Needs

Maintenance and repair are needed, as it is a large mechanical system. Also, when the system is being repaired, the whole house will be without a heater until it is repaired.

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