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Commercial Refrigeration Experts!

At Coolline Air Conditioning, we offer commercial refrigeration services across all Melbourne suburbs. From refrigeration installation to maintenance and repairs, our experts can service bars, cafes, supermarkets, and even large corporate customers in Melbourne. With our extensive experience, we can get your refrigerated equipment working at maximum efficiency. Whether you are experiencing disruptions with your freezer room or coolroom, Coolline Air Conditioning can help.

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The Leading Commercial Refrigeration Installation Company Melbourne

Are you looking for commercial refrigeration installation services in Melbourne?

Only a professional and reliable company can help you install refrigerated equipment effectively. Being a long-serving company, Coolline Air Conditioning provides cost-effective solutions to
your refrigeration installation needs in Melbourne. We install only the highest standard equipment. Most importantly, our experts ensure that all the safety and quality standards are met, keeping your business disruption-free.

Whether you run a restaurant, café, food processing plant, or retail outlet, Coolline team offers complete refrigeration installation services. Alongside ensuring the highest quality of components, our installation services are compliant with Australian Standards.

Coolline Air Refrigeration specialises in the installation of commercial coolrooms and freezer rooms. Moreover, we work closely with the best local manufacturers to ensure the
efficient working of your refrigeration equipment in the Australian climate.

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Expert Commercial Refrigeration Design Services

When it comes to commercial refrigeration design, you need to opt for expert mechanics. The team of experts at Coolline Air Conditioning offers design services to suit your business needs. Our experienced staff will consider every aspect of your business while designing a cost-effective refrigerated system.

Our service sectors includes but not limited to:


Cake and Food Display Design & Installation

For your business to grow, you need to make sure that the food storage and display equipment performs effectively every day. As a result, it can keep your food fresh. You, of course, want cake and food display cabinets that suit your business perfectly. With such an aim, Cool Line can provide display design and installation services of food cabinets.

Food display cabinets are vital for your business no matter you run a restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery. Moreover, such cabinets should work at optimum efficiency to help you serve fresh food to your customers in Melbourne. At Cool Line, our experienced team can supply the best food display cabinets for your business at affordable prices

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Display Cabinet Design & Installation

Are you looking for a professional company for display cabinet design and installation?

Look no further than Cool Line to have the best display cabinets for your business. Our extensive experience and vast expertise enable us to deliver outstanding results all time. You need to store your bottles in a professionally designed display cabinet. We can design and install cost-effective bottle display cabinets. Working with us can ensure you will never run out of stock during business hours. Our professional team will determine your cabinet display design needs.

Cool Line can bring your business to new heights of success. As a long-serving company, we can take on any project and always deliver high-quality services.

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commercial refrigeration services in melbourne

Under bench Fridge Design & Installation

A variety of high-traffic venues like bars and restaurants often require under bench fridge installation to support refrigeration equipment. When professionally designed and installed, it can keep your business operations without any disruption. Know that a little disruption in your business can result in customer loss. For that purpose, you need a reliable under bench fridge design that can help you serve food to your customers all time.  

At Coolline, our experts will consider every aspect of your business to design a perfect under-bench fridge. With our high-end refrigeration installation, you will not have to worry about breakdowns and stock losses anymore. Only a professional company can help you get efficient and cost-effective under bench fridge for your business.

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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Repair

Your commercial fridges, freezers, coolrooms, and display fridges often require a certain level of maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures their working at maximum efficiency. However, when any disruption occurs, only a qualified and experienced company can fix the problem. At Coolline Air Conditioning, our expert mechanics can help you fasten the existing unit rather than buying a new one.

We offer commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services of the highest quality. Our services can help you prevent breakdowns and loss of stock. Therefore, we design our services to meet your business needs and requirements. With the help of our regular maintenance program, you can ensure maximising the running efficiency of your refrigeration units.
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Dedicated and Committed To Your Business

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Our commitment to providing excellence helps us excel in what we do. The team at Coolline Air Conditioning is committed to providing cost-effective services to your business. We understand how breakdowns can disrupt your business. As a result, it can cause damage to your income, stock, and reputation as well. Our expert team can provide you the most reliable refrigerated equipment for your business.

If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration installation, maintenance, or repair services, get in touch with us to ensure the smooth running of your business.