commercial refrigeration testing and tagging in melbourne

Commercial Refrigeration in Melbourne: Testing and Tagging Explained!

Have you ever wondered why the commercial refrigeration we bought in Melbourne can work perfectly and safely? That is because our competent technician at the manufacturer did a test and inspection multiple times. Before selling appliances to the clients and customers, a test is required for their general safety and performance. This action can avoid the failure of the appliances to harm people, businesses and other effects.

In Melbourne, a competent worker must have a sort of license or qualification. It is to prove that they have needed skills and competencies for testing and tagging operations.

What is Testing and Tagging?

A test and tag are process of analysing for possible damage and failure of the appliances or devices. This process also can minimize a risk in a business. The competent person checks and inspects for the safety of appliances regularly. This is to ensure that the appliances are safe for the people who will be utilising them. 

After the testing is done, a tag will mark the appliances. A tag can confirm of its success of the test. Usually, a tag also records the competent person who conducted the test, the date and the next testing schedule. The next testing schedule tells how necessary the regular testing and tagging are for electrical devices.

Testing and Tagging of Commercial Refrigeration in Melbourne

Refrigeration is one of the important appliances once we own a place to live. Before we bought the refrigeration, the manufacturers test and tag them for the sake of your safety.

When the manufacturer conducts testing and tagging, they detach the refrigerator from power outlet at the very beginning. Then, the competent person checks visually on the power cords for obvious damages possibility. Damage may include cuts, damaged plug, visibility of inside wires and so on. However, the competent person mostly focus on the lead to find damages. Majority of commercial refrigeration is classified as Class 1 devices. So that after a visual checking, they will find a metal touchpoint before the earth continuity test. 

The competent person will then perform the earth continuity test that examines the refrigeration’s protective earth and supply lead for resistance. Another Class 1 test included is the insulation resistance test. This test determines the effectiveness of the current insulation in resisting electrical current flow. The Australian standards highly recommend all the tester to conduct an earth leakage test even though it is optional. It is because refrigerators are powered by motorised compressors.

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