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Home air conditioning in Melbourne!

If you are looking for an AC or HVAC technician for your home around Melbourne, we can help you with almost everything. We are experts in Home Air Conditioning In Melbourne. Our technicians are skilled, trained, and qualified to perform every kind of domestic air conditioning services in  Melbourne.

These experts are not only perfect for air conditioner maintenance or repair work, but also for the installation of new air conditioning systems in your residence. Whether you are constructing your own house or just shifted to a new rented property, we are always available for high-quality air conditioning services.

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Whether you want to have a split or ducted system, we can provide a range of useful and affordable services. We have plenty of experience in air conditioner installation, air conditioner repair, air conditioner servicing & maintenance. We can also help you with air conditioning unit supplying – we always go with the best brand to give a hassle free experience in the years to come.  iWith professional equipment and properly managed team of experts, we can assure the highest standards of quality.

Our technicians are not only experts at air conditioning services in Melbourne, but also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. You can rely on us to design and configure home air conditioning systems for every room type. We are pleased to offer as much flexibility as we can so that you can adjust according to the changing weather of Melbourne. You will surely be satisfied with our premium services in domestic aircon installation and overhaul. Thanks to years of experience in this field, we can help you with all types of units and aircon brands.

Domestic Air Conditioning
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Domestic Aircon Repair!

It is important to regularly clean your residential air conditioners. The filters and coils must be regularly washed with disinfectants. Air conditioners tend to accumulate dust particles over time. This can severely limit their performance and efficiency. Moreover, it can also lead to malfunctioning components.

If you think your domestic air conditioner is not working properly, feel free to give us a call. Our team will respond and complete all the required air conditioner repair work within no time. Your air conditioner requires regular upkeep so that it can function effectively throughout its years of service. Even if your air conditioner is not showing any noticeable signs, you can contact us for regular maintenance.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Domestic air conditioning systems keep you comfortable and relaxed at your home irrespective of scorching heat outside. If you want to keep your home energy efficient, you need to have a comprehensive system installed. This ducted system carries out all the functions in order to regulate relaxing temperatures inside your house. Coolline domestic air conditioning Melbourne can help you install such a system in a new home, or we can tailor it to your existing residential needs.

Ducted air conditioners we install in the house will be completely
concealed. These systems are versatile and can be used for several varied applications. We will plan out a complete layout according to your house layout and come up with the perfect plan to provide maximum possible comfort for residents. We can also install ducted air conditioners for multiple room applications. All in all, every domestic air conditioning need will be catered from
our side.

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MyAir Home Air Conditioning

You now have the ultimate comfort of letting MyAir keep you cool. MyAir is a premium air conditioning management system from Advantage Air. MyAir allows you to control the individual room’s airflow and you can go up to 10 zones. It uses the high-end solution of Exact Air Regulators to control the exact amount of air regulated to each room. 

MyAir systems can manage all the renowned air conditioners including Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Hitachi, LG, Panasonic, Carrier, Midea, Temperzone, Braemar, Gree Electric and Rinnai.

MyAir comes with the touchscreen panel that can control the air conditioner and also the air management system. You can combine this system with temperature sensors for each room, so that MyAir will maintain your set temperature by adjusting the airflow to each room automatically. That will help your pocket too by preventing over air conditioning. 

To save energy further, MyAir comes with the option to be integrated with motion sensors. Those will detect when the room has been empty for a particular time and then automatically adjust the room temperature. That will reduce your energy bill up to 20%.

Coolline can take care of the MyAir system inatallation & configuration process from A to Z.

MyAir Air Conditioning Management System
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