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How much is it for ducted air conditioning service to run?

Ducted air conditioning service is a highly efficient and effective way to cool down any home or office during Australia’s hot summers. Ducted air-cons provide one of the most cost-effective and quiet ways to cool down any home. While there are several options for air conditioning services in Melbourne, it is important to calculate if a ducted system is worth using in your home.

How to calculate the running cost of a ducted system in your home

The cost of running ducted systems varies based on a number of factors. These factors are floor space, insulation, the ducted system, and its energy efficiency. The factors will always vary in any space but assuming none are particular abnormal the calculations should be standard

The formula to calculate the cost takes the energy efficiency rating of the unit eg. 2.4, and the kWh cost of the last electricity bill for your home or office, eg, $0.39/kWh. The formula is energy efficiency x kWh = Cost per hour. So if we put in our values, 2.4 x .39 = $0 .94. This means that it would cost you 94 cents for each hour you run your ducted system. This cost might appear expensive but ducted systems are designed to cool an entire home or office at once. This is in contrast to using multiple split systems concurrently, it can be far more affordable.

Tips to reduce ducted air-con running costs

There are a number of handy ways that the running costs of ducted systems can be severely reduced. Lowering or raising the temperature in your home can either increase or decrease the cost significantly of a ducted system. By reducing the shift in temperature in the building, you can reduce the cost of running your ducted system.

Another longer term method is to improve the insulation situation in the building. By either installing more insulation in the ceiling or walls of any building, you can greatly improve the insulation. Insulation is the ability for that building to keep out the heat and retain the cool air generated inside. Reducing the duration and intensity you would need to run the air-con system. Insulation does a great job at maintaining the temperature and can impact the overall cost of running a ducted system.

Proper maintenance of any air-conditioning system, including ducted systems can lead to a number of improvements that will help reduce costs. All machines start to run down over time, and their energy efficiency will slowly decline as that happens. If an air-conditioner goes for years without servicing or maintenance, well then it wont perform at its designed energy rating. As shown in the calculations before, if that rating drops, the cost goes up and over a year that could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars wasted.

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