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How much for Air Conditioning installation in Melbourne?

The types and cost of air conditioning installation in Melbourne.

With temperatures rising every year in Australia, people are shifting to better air conditioning technologies every year. When it comes to air conditioning, however, there are many types and forms. Each has its pros and cons, with the cost being a major deciding factor for most Aussies. It is important to consider the cost to buy and air conditioning installation in Melbourne. The costs of air conditioning solutions can range from $300 – $10,000+ based on the size of your home and the type of system that suits your needs. The main four types are window/wall, portable, split system, and ducted. On top of the costs of the units, materials, and labor costs sometimes are necessary as well depending on the system chosen as you will need professional installation.

Window Air Conditioning installation – price $300 – $1000

Window/Wall aircon systems are usually cheaper and use either evaporative or refrigerative methods to help cool down spaces. They are cheaper but considered less effective than some of the other air-con options, and are not good for large spaces. Evaporative options take longer to work and don’t tend to work fast enough to cool down large spaces rapidly enough in Australian wet heat. Refrigeration systems are better for wetter heat along the east coast. These types of air conditioners usually cost around $300-$1000. Additional labor costs will need to be calculated for window/wall installation.

Portable Air Conditioning – price $450 – $1500

Portable Air conditioners have become far more affordable and popular over the last 15 years, as they are a cheaper alternative to ducted or split systems while providing that same cold stream of air into any room. These air cons work similarly to a split system, projecting cold air into the room. They do however need an exhaust for the hot air to leave and needs to be vented out a window. This makes them only usable in windowed rooms, however, they come with attachments to make them semi-permanent fixtures or movable at will. The portable air-cons cost between $450-$1500 depending on the make and model. The price usually indicated the scale and effectiveness of the machine. The size and power depend on the size of the room a portable unit can cool down.

Split Systems – price $800 – $4000

Split system air conditioners are similar to window units but tend to use only refrigerative methods. They are also more suited to larger spaces and can cool them down quite rapidly. Split systems are the most popular of the air conditioner choices in Australia and range from around $800 – $4000, depending again on the make and model. The price usually coincides with the energy efficiency and the capability of the unit for cooling down large areas. Split systems are the preferred option for small/medium homes and office spaces, as they can counteract the intense summer heat with ease in most spaces.

Ducted Systems – price $5000 – $10000+

For much larger homes or offices, evaporative or refrigerative ducted systems are the best choice. These systems can provide a large amount of cooling power for very large floor space areas. These systems can be quite pricey and are not for smaller spaces. Supplied by a single powerful cooling unit, cold air is then spread throughout the building through ducts or vents. Ducted systems usually cost around $5000-$10000+ but can go much higher if it is a larger building or office. There is also a significant cost associated with installing these systems as the entire building needs to be connected. Additionally there is installation/renovation work that needs to be done to connect all the rooms in the building.

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