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Commercial Refrigeration Services in Melbourne: How to Look After Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment?

If you are having a restaurant, café, bar, or business that requires refrigeration, then this appliance is your number 1 asset. Commercial refrigeration runs constantly just like our home refrigeration. The difference is that you own many refrigeration units for your necessity. It can be a side-hustle if you do not look after your commercial refrigeration. Once they break down, all you need is commercial refrigeration services. You could also end up losing your stocks.

The best way to avoid that is to keep your commercial refrigeration running as efficiently as possible. You must do regular maintenance to prevent your unit breaks down. It could be a monthly check, once in 3 months, or a maximum once in 6 months. By doing this you can find a potential problem before it becomes a full-scale disaster.

A Regular Maintenance for Your Commercial Refrigeration

Keep Your Fridge Clean

In a restaurant’s commercial refrigeration, food sometimes could spill and become a mess. Opened drinks or ripped vegetables could also make your refrigeration dirty and stink. Using a damp cloth and light soap is good enough to maintain the cleanliness of your fridge. You may clean the area of the wall both outside and inside the area. Plus, do not ever use chemicals because they might harm your refrigerator as well as poisoning your food. Start by removing items per shelf and wipe them with a damp cloth. Also, finish it up using a dry cloth to remove residual wetness if needed.

Check Your System Routinely

These are the list of system part that needs to be inspected.

  • Filters
  • Condenser Coil
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Evaporator Vents
  • Ice Maker
  • Gasket
  • Fan
  • Drain Lines or Pans

Regardless of the outside part of the fridge, there are other parts that are also essential for refrigeration. The system inside is the main factor of why your refrigeration running smoothly. You need a scheduled inspection to make sure there is no damage causing the refrigerator to breakdown. Clean or replace older parts if needed. Bacteria can contaminate any stored food in a neglected commercial cooler. Worse, you may end up breaking any health regulations. Keep an eye on the filters and coils from debris or dirt. Smelly and not cold refrigeration is a sign of your refrigeration needs action immediately.

You may also need assistance with maintenance. Cool Line Air Conditioning offers commercial refrigeration services across all Melbourne suburbs. Our experts can support any Melbourne company with anything from refrigeration installation to maintenance and repairs.

Get in touch with us today to ensure the smooth running of your maintenance and scheduled.

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