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Tips to Make Ducted Air Conditioning Useful in Melbourne

We know that Melbourne is considered the world’s most liveable city for some years in a row. We love Melbourne because of its chill weather. You might think air conditioning is not important anymore. However, it becomes necessary when it comes to a sunny-hot-humid summer. Especially in the pandemic that forces us to stay inside and work from home (WFH). Summer in Melbourne can severe sometimes, staying inside is not the only action that can solve the heat. There are some domestic Air Conditioning services for your benefits. A ducted air conditioning service in Melbourne can be your solution.

In any conditions to make your surrounding feel comfortable and soothing, it is important to have an air conditioner installed in your residence. Though the price of ducted air conditioning is a bit pricy, this system is a long-term and one-time investment. Plus, you need a way to make your ducted air conditioning the best out of it. The amount of control that you have in a ducted air conditioning system is one of the great advantages. 

Some ducted air conditioning system has multiple features. They can be cooling, heating or even both cooling as well as heating. If you want your air conditioning to be able to heat as well as cools the house, the ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning is the best choice. Some systems also allow you to control the particular room’s temperatures. You can switch the zones off if no one is using them, which will save your electricity.

Tips on Using Ducted Air Conditioning

Make Sure Your Doors and Windows are Closed

By opening your doors or windows, you won’t get temperatures that you want quickly. Also, your A/C will work harder and longer, and it will raise up your electricity bill.

Set Appropriate Temperatures

The best thing to make your energy consumption efficiency is to set the temperatures to 20-22°C during winter and 22-24°C during summer. Setting up the temperature too low is going to make your air conditioning work harder and longer which is not very economic nor efficient.

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Annually Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance or Service in Melbourne

The ducted air conditioning system is mostly not visible in our eye, there may be problems that occur out of sight. You should always make sure that your filters are clean. If you doubt doing self-maintenance, you may get scheduled services. For further ducted air conditioning service book a service or enquiries you can call 0430 311 595 or send an email to info@coollineaircon.com.au.

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